The Royal Castle in Warsaw
Pokój Audiencjonalny Stary
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The Royal Castle in Warsaw
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Welcome to our webpage. VR360 belongs to Look Digital, a company founded in 1996 by Mr Darek Czarnecki a versatile specialist in photography, digital imaging and panoramic photography and video recording.VR 360 presents artistic panoramic images, videos and animations made from the surface of earth. If you are interested in works made from the air please visit the webpage SKY-EYE.

Spherical panoramas are our second identity, we love them and we know how to tend them. On many occasions we were undertaking not only difficult but sometimes impossible tasks, from the point of view of rules of photography or panoramic photography. Since the establishment of our company we wish to direct our services to the most demanding clients for which the quality is the highest value. Our rule is to constantly modernize our equipment and use the latest technology available on the market. One of such innovations is a several meters tall mast allowing for a quick change of point of view for taking images, or special “recorder” for making panoramic photos, images or videos. Look Digital – Mr Darek Czarnecki – is also a developer of spherical panoramas playing software, flat and video panoramas playing software and virtual tours playing software: : VRsmarty.

Having extensive experience in traditional, digital and panoramic photography and in graphic design also operating with appropriate equipment and computer software which fully control we can offer services to our clients, which will fully satisfy their needs. We invite you to cooperation.

SKY-EYE - is a service fully dedicated to aerial photography and to panoramas, videos, video panoramas made from a real helicopter flying more than 100 m above the ground. Our recordings are made with special stabilizing equipment, thanks to which, our movies, photographs or panoramas and soon also aerial video panoramas, will show no vibrations so common in many recordings made from moving aerial vehicles. We wish to invite you to see our impressive gallery on SKY-EYE!

panoramas are our passion
We can make any kind of panorama (spherical, - full 360 ° x 180 °, flat, high resolution) and we will put special care to make sure that our works were of the highest quality. The product, which we deliver to your hands must fulfil each and every technical and esthetical requirements. The panoramas are processed and compiled with great care and care and the final product is free from any distortions and mistakes so commonly present in movies presented on the web. VR360 operates mostly on carefully chosen equipment. We can create a panorama from each possible height with the use of tripod, mast or helicopter. Based on your individual wish we can create virtual tours satisfying all tastes and with the use of unique interface.
we hold a camera with a steady hand
Video panoramas are absolutely new media in the world. They combine functionality of spherical panoramas, thanks to which the image can be rotated in any direction, and a video so the images are presented and played like a movie. Therefore, you can record commemorative events or record a movie in a gallery or a walk in a city, which will be experienced by the viewer as he himself would be there during the event. The equipment used for video panoramas was developed by our company from scratch and this is the only such equipment available on the market. The maximum resolution is 3500px, one of the highest available. Our equipment can also make panoramic photographs with just one click and achieve the resolution of 9 000 px.
be different
Virtual tours are a way of showing multiple panoramas and/or other content like photos, video, or music in one cohesive application. The software has its own interface, graphic design and such a way of presenting a panorama that a viewer has an impression of making a tour around photographed places. Virtual tours have control buttons for directing panoramas and may have spots or hotspots with linked functions. The user clicking the spot causes interaction of an application, which can open a new panorama, magnify it, play a sound, play a movie and so on – thanks to which the virtual tours are fully interactive and in comparison to, for example, a movie, any detail that can be presented in a virtual tour depends on an action or interaction of the user.