Virtual tour for LIMVirtual tour for LIM

This virtual Tour has been created on behalf of the company LIM for the planning department for radio networks and radio relay. The tour is interesting because of the following reasons:

  • the main panorama, the panorama of Warsaw, is not supposed to exist, as it has been shot in conditions conflicting with the principles of panoramic photography: from the edge of the building giving a huge parallax
  • the tour has several dynamic elements, that make the xml code of the tour simple and give the client an option to to add or remove spots in an easy way without knowledge of the player structure
  • the tour has built in a video panorama that gives gives the customer an opportunity to not only watch the panorama of Warsaw but also see the mast, on which telecommunications equipment could be mounted
  • additional high resolution spherical panoramas allow rigorous assessment of the equipment mounted on the mast